Hanging Gardensx

Masterplan Competition / Winning Proposal

Submitted Aug. 2011

Emeishan, Sichuan, P.R.C.

Can high density residential development and culturally significant nature be brought together without sacrificing the necessities of either?

The site for the Hanging Gardens of Emei is nestled on the foothills of Mount Emeishan, a 4000m high mountain and one of the most important centers for the Buddhist religion. This pristine location guided the design of 190,000m2 retreat village with multiple housing programs which needed to accommodate various types of residents.

Local cultural traditions and environmental conditions were examined when designing the various housing typologies. Building configurations were generated by interpreting the traditional Chinese courtyard. There are retail and hotel elements which are made up of several interconnected courtyards. Exclusive mountain villas also interpret the courtyard by inverting the interior and exterior spaces. Inhabitants of the Hanging Gardens have the luxury of residing only moments away from lush forests and gardens.

14 December, 2013