Architizer A+ Popular Choice Award 2017x

The Architizer A+Awards is the largest awards program celebrating the year’s best architecture and products.Located in the heart of the Jnah district in Beirut, the mixed-use project of N’5 organizes 31, 600 m2 of residential apartments and offices. The units sit over a two-story F&B and retail plinth in a compact urban form.
For the 5th Annual Architizer A+ Awards, K1299 got selected as a 2017 winner under the unbuilt offices category.
K-1299 is a mixed use building in the heart of Beirut city in Lebanon. The designs presented have been chosen as three important and varying solutions which address the issues of the 1299 site. The main parameters implied in the concepts are traffic noise, view orientation, solar radiation, building program, and market potential.

The designs are optimizations which resolve all of the parameters mentioned to the highest possible performance.The designs are optimizations which resolve all of the parameters mentioned to the highest possible performance. The K1299 site reveals several issues which all solutions must resolve: a busy street to the South, a complex and steep terrain to the North. In order to deal with the busy street noise, the proposals adopt a stepped volume strategy which serves to diffuse the noise, creating a proper setting for business and commerce on the lower levels. To deal with the terrain, a garden connection is proposed which acts as an alternative entrance to the office levels. Environmental parameters are confronted through similar design strategies. In order to ensure a comfortable working situation, performative shading devices have been optimized in order to mitigate glare. An open floor plan has been chosen to give the maximum flexibility to the incoming tenants. Finally, all areas have been optimized in order to ensure attractive layouts with terraces and ample views. The options presented vary in appearance and organization, but they all solve the project issues with their specific massing strategy. They are quantitatively optimized and qualitatively conceived.

For more information on the award, kindly visit the following link: https://architizer.com/projects/k-1299/

29 May, 2017