Architizer A+ Award Popular Choice 2018x

The Architizer A+Awards is the largest awards program celebrating the year’s best architecture and products.Located in the heart of the Jnah district in Beirut, the mixed-use project of N’5 organizes 31, 600 m2 of residential apartments and offices. The units sit over a two-story F&B and retail plinth in a compact urban form.
For the 6th Annual Architizer A+ Awards, N’5 got selected as a 2018 winner under the unbuilt commercial category. Nestled in a L-shaped site at a busy traffic junction, the development creates a new vast public space, sheltered from the traffic. It becomes a new focal point for the high-density F&B, retail, office and residential environment. The building’s shape is formed as an extrusion of the site creating a sharp edge to the chaotic urban fabric around it. Carved out of this solid volume is a contrasting soft public space with a series of terraces and courtyards. The new public space allows maximized exposure of the programs on the ground floor level. This design approach, also, helps in maximizing natural daylight and ventilation for the offices and residential units on the upper floors.
Taking inspiration from the 1948 painting, No.5 by Jackson Pollock, the new carved space presents a colorful and vibrant collage of activity within the surrounding urban form. The project creates a green microcosm, a new district for a creative and sustainable community within the Metropolis. An iconic urban form with a generous public green space offers a fresh clarity within the bustling city.
Its central public space becomes the focal point for N’5 with its vibrant mix of restaurants, cafes, retail outlets, as well as its modern office and residential environments.
A series of generous terraces and roof gardens overlooking the central space offer a diversity of high quality landscaped amenity spaces and create a new urban biodiversity and improved micro-climate within the city.
The street life effect created by the cafes, restaurants, galleries, and fashion boutiques is enriched by artwork, a cultural center, and a series of “Magasins de quartier” from grocers to newsstands and amenities for children.

A diverse mix of high quality residential units ranging from luxurious penthouses to modern medium sized apartments along with high quality office spaces. It sets the scene for a modern inspiring and sustainable living and working environment.
The design is driven by parametric studies, taking as parameters view orientations, solar radiation, wind infiltration, and building program, all in relation to the site’s difference in levels. The detailed massing approach ensures a striking design, reminding us of Jackson Pollock’s No.5 inspirational masterpiece. It’s where the physical space and voids are drizzled are smeared together in an intricate technique, creating a whole new and unconventional perspective into art and architecture.

For more information on the award, kindly visit the following link: https://architizer.com/projects/n5/

1 August, 2018