We are BAD.
Built by Associative Data.

BAD. Built by Associative Data is a young international design and architectural practice with several offices in Spain (Barcelona), Ireland (Dublin), and Lebanon (Beirut). Our expanding list of international clients feature ongoing projects located in the Middle East, Africa and Asia. BAD’s international team of talented designers combine the expertise of working at critically acclaimed offices throughout the world with academic roles teaching at some of the most vanguard architectural schools. This dynamic creates an active and exciting environment for talented emerging architects. 

At BAD. our design methodology focuses on the careful generation, processing, and analyzing of project specific data for the purpose of optimizing important design decisions. Our designers are leading experts in the application of computational design techniques in the architectural design and construction industry.

The main objective at BAD. is to provide clients with a full range of design services by using the latest knowledge offered by digital technologies, sustainable practices, and networked processes. We believe that each project offers a unique opportunity to create aware, intelligent, and efficient architectural solutions. We strive to provide creative solutions for each particular client while paying close attention to their economic benefit. The unique combination of intelligent architectural solutions through data management makes BAD. a crucial partner in the current economic landscape.